About Us

Manal Global offers unlimited solutions for Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Petrochemical, and Power Generation industries. Manal Global has its presence globally as the company operates in different countries across continents of Europe and Asia. In these continents, Manal Global has existence in UAE, Pakistan and Italy. Presence in these markets provides Manal Global the right pathway to enjoy opportunities from different emerging markets. At Manal, we trade the most superior quality products and ensure that our dealers from Europe and Russia to Pakistan and Middle East benefit with our dealings. Our products are picked from the selected locations with the assurance that they are the worth every penny that our consumers spend. Dealing with Manal will not only make you profitable, but we will ensure that our track record of quality service is maintained and our client is never disappointed.

Our dealers get the best from every country that we choose to trade in. We have been in business since 1885 and our company has grown globally and expanded its operations exponentially. We have been serving quality products, machineries, and equipments across the world, and today we have been blessed with a large number of satisfied customers in different parts of the world. The group has served a number of industries, and now Manal Global aims to serve the Oil & Gas Industry along with Fertilizers, Petrochemical, and Power Generation industries to fill the gap and serve the customers satisfactorily in these industries. Manal Global is served by quality and experienced management in the Oil & Gas and Fertilizer industries and therefore, with the expertise and experience along with a large satisfied customer base, Manal Global has already started to make a mark.