Power Generation

Power Generation
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    NUCLEAR Power

    Walter Tosto SpA has significant experiences and know-how, inherited from Bosco Industrie Meccaniche SpA dating back to the early sixties, particularly in the supply of critical equipment.

    Walter Tosto’s activities in the Nuclear field was successfully carried on up to 1987, period in which the Italian nuclear power referendum stopped the Italian nuclear power generation plan. However we continued collaborating with research organizations such as INFN (Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare – National Institute of Nuclear Physics – Assergi – AQ) and Princeton University.

    Thanks to these collaborations, in 1997 Walter Tosto took part in the BOREXINO PROJECT for the supply of sphere and cylinder in Pure 316 LN Stainless Steel. Borexino is an international experiment, located deep underground in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of Italy and dedicated to the observation of low-energy solar neutrinos.

    Today, Walter Tosto Spa is fully able to manufacture components and items for the nuclear island like Steam Generators and relating components for heat transfer of the primary loop. For secondary loops, the company is able to manufacture equipment like HP/ LP feedwater preheaters, HP heat exchangers, condensers, steam drums, deaerators and water tanks.

    We are developing staff skills and qualifications at all levels and in all departments with training courses and workshops, as for example:

    “Introduction to the French RCC-MR Code” (17th/ 18th February 2011), for Nuclear Division;
    “ASME N: ASME BPVC section III and NQA-1 – The Construction Of Pressure Equipment For Nuclear Industry” (2010/2011) , involving Quality Department and personnel in the Nuclear Division;
    “Training for Welding Inspectors”, for key people in the Welding Department;

    As confirmation of Walter Tosto capabilities, skills, know-how and experience, the company has been qualified as approved Vendor by the relevant players in the nuclear field, as AREVA, WESTINGHOUSE and ENEL NUCLEAR.

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