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    Vane Separator

    Vane separators are the best solution to the problem of separation of liquid particles from gas or mist, as they offer high efficiency, low pressure drop, and low maintenance cost. The vane unit is the heart of every type of separator shown in this catalogue: consisting by various vanes, according to the different operating conditions, it can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc., in order to meet customer’s specifications

    Principle of operation (SL type)

    The tipical vane type separator in our production is the model SL: the gas gets into the vessel and passes through the vane unit, splitting into many fluid ribbons, subject to sudden changes of direction, which cause a semi-turbulence, with consequent rolling of liquid entrainments against the walls of the vanes. Drops, enter into the the vane pockets and fall by gravity into the lower part of the vessel, where they are collected and drained.

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    Multi -Tube Separator
    Multitube separators are the most suitable answer to eliminate liquid and dry gas impurities. They are used both at wellhead and at inlet to compression station, in distribution systems and in many other industrial processes.

    They offer the following advantage:

    – high separation efficiency, even at the presence of wide flow rate variations, which makes them suitable to be installed on plants to be extended in the future.

    – constant pressure drop regardless of contaminant loading and servicing.

    -low maintenance requiring only occasional blowdown of collected material .

    Principle of operation

    The separator element consists of multiple small diameter cyclone tubes assembled in tube bundles. The dirty gas enters through ports L, causing a swirling motion, which throws dry and liquid entrainments against wall C of the cyclone tube: clean gas changes direction at the vortex and rises out through outlet tube T. Impurities, being heavier, fall down through hole F into the proper storage area.

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    Absolute Mist Eliminator
    The absolute mist eliminator is the best system to knock down mists and vapours from an air stream before venting. This system enables you to avoid pollution coming from the process mists. The stream, rich in vapours and mists, moves into the vessel where pollutant is removed before venting.

    One of the most popular applications of the absolute mist eliminator is on turbines, as a vapour oil separator. The system offers a double advantage.

    Besides avoiding pollution, it gives to the user a great benefit.

    In fact oil is completely recovered and recycled, reducing frequent fillings.

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    Absolute Separator

    The absolute separator is designed for those applications where it is required to remove from a gas stream the maximum possible of small liquid particles, very fine mist as well as sub-micronic size.
    These separators are mainly used in Ammonia and Urea plants, for the separation of oil mist upstream of dessicant dryer beds. They are also effective for removal of mist in process stream such as Chlorine, Oxigen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, etc

    Principle of operation (SA type)

    The absolute separator is a multistage equipment where several forces, such as gravity, centrifugal force, inertial impact, direct interception and Brownian diffusion, are applied.

    The first stage, consisting of a cyclone tube bundle or a vane type mist extractor, removes liquid entrainments from the gas.

    The second stage, consisting of coalescing elements, provides the high efficiency final separation.

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    Marine Equipment
    Spray water removal systems for marine applications

    To remove moisture entrainments and heavy sprays from air streams entering ship’s engine rooms, diesel engine air intakes, gas turbine combustion air intakes, or from air conditioning system intake.
    In marine environmental areas such as off-shore platforms, these separators represents the best solution to solve the problems caused by salt and moisture to the gas turbines and diesel engines.
    The device, which relies on inertial separation, offer a high efficiency together with a low pressure drop. We can offer several type of vanes and coalescer to satisfy the different requirements of installations and efficiency.
    The separators are interely manufactured in AISI 316L and assembled in panels of various dimensions in accordance to the fitting needs.